Stress management in dialogue with Mind Body Spirit

Gespecialized Kinesiology at SALOMONS is an experience ... That is for sure!

What to expect during a session!

  • Your arms and legs are being muscle tested.
  • Prepare yourself for laying ... 1 to 2 hours on the table.
  • You pay per sessions.
  • Due course (acupuncture)points will be held.
  • You can relax.
  • You experience Emotionele Stress Release.
  • You may feel different after the session.
  • I work for durable corrections.
  • I want you to come back gladly and willigly!

It is my experience the first session is the most impressive.
I learned to only do a first time triple-session. To get acquainted!

What is Stress Management?

Richard Utt used the following metaphore: "Imagine a sore spot. You can easily see the aura of that sore spot. The aura being a glow, a memory of withheld stress. A given the body has difficulty healing itself. Stressmanagement is the removal of the aura, the memory, as such that the body is capable of healing itself."

Likewise I trust my work to be effective - I trust the self healing power of Mind Body Spirit to do the rest. And in case you decide to let it all come over you, I ask of you to be objective and honest to yourself. To feel whether you experience changes or not. Feeling is believing, I say! You can experience it first hand. And what better proof is there then experience it first hand. You can always stop! Yet I bet, you find wanting to experience it all the way.

This in short it is how I see my service to Mind Body Spirit as coach/facilitator based on Specialized Kinesiology Principles.

Stress management in dialogue with Mind Body Spirit

The body is more then total of its sum -- Through the years, I experienced muscle testing is more then just testing the body. In fact you test the energetic state of the symbiotic system: Mind Body Spirit. In AK this is visualized as in the Health triad. (Emotion - Structure - Chemical) As you are reading this, you may find yourself become aware that you are more then just your'body and have the notion that balancing the body is best done: "Balancing within the Health triad".

Can you help me? -- This is a much asked question. My answer is, "let us see how your 'Body' reacts. Come and lay yourself on the table". And once you lay on the table, I will find me lifting your arm or leg and bring it in position. A position from which I can move away from so I can feel the presence of resistence .. or not! This gives me an indication how you 'body' experiences the moment.

For, you know, every session is a different. The symptoms may seem the same, the cause of the inbalans may be different.

In short: "Everyone sings his own song!" The sequence for balancing within the Health triad is a self-healing process.

I am a bodyworker -- Holding acupuncture points in a certain patterm, I balance the Health triad. These points often times are sore points on touch. My experiences with Neurologisch Organization Technique (NOT) only have threngthend this notion.

This is in principle, for I can also use emotional stress release techniques from various Kinesologies: Touch for Health, Three in One Concepts, Applied Physiology, Edu-kinesiology (Woordblind en Leefblind).


Can you help me? -- A good question. My answer is, "Let me swing your arms and legs, and let me make some corrections. And then you will notice, or not."

I am available for sessions upon appointment, even in weekends.
EUR 30,- per session.

Huib Salomons,
Govert Flinckstraat 23 - 7312 RP Apeldoorn

P.S. Maximum 3x for getting acquainted with the muscle testing procedure and basic restoring equilibrium Mind Body Spirit.

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