10 parts of Human Nature

According to ancient Greek philosophers, there were only two parts of human nature – body and mind. After the Greeks, theologians of the Middle Ages determined that the two parts were really body and soul. Modern thinkers then realized that there were three parts – body, mind and spirit. However, the ancient Hawaiians believed that there were ten parts to human nature.

These ten parts take into account the body, mind, spirit, emotions and energy. These parts are all interrelated and by understanding them we are able to live in wholeness.

When these ten parts are working together in harmony,

  • we feel whole and complete.
  • we can create miracles in our lives.
  • we can do anything and have anything that we want.

When they are out of balance,

  • we feel sick and exhibit various symptoms of ailments, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Practicing Huna helps us return to harmony and balance that is our natural birthright.

Three minds, selves or consciousnesses. They roughly correspond to the conscious, subconscious and superconcious minds of modern psychology.

  • Uhane / the conscious mind / the intellectual mind /the Logical Self. It is the part of the human that reasons and directs and is the center of all thoughts.
  • Unihipili / thee subconscious mind / the emotional mind / the Basic Self. Is the center of all feelings. The Basic Self is also in charge of the physical body.
  • Aumakua / the superconscious mind / the spiritual mind / the Higher Self. Is that part of us that is Divine Spirit.

Three etheric bodies or coverings. Each of the three consciousnesses is contained within an etheric body or covering. Without the container, the consciousness would simply dissipate into the universe. The container of the Logical Self and the Basic Self is made of a substance called [Aka] in Hawaiian. This Aka has special properties. The container of the Higher Self is made of light/energy.

Three energies. The energy that enlivens the three selves, minds or consciousnesses is called [Mana]. Each self has its own energy that vibrates at specific levels measurable by modern scientific methods.

  • Mana – the energy of the Basic Self. Is the energy that keeps the physical body alive. This energy can be transferred to others as in healing touch.
  • Mana-mana – the energy of the Logical Self. Vibrates at a higher frequency than mana. This is the energy used for the thinking and reasoning process and for directing the will.
  • Mana-loa – the energy of the Higher Self. Is the energy of creation. It is used by the Higher Self to create the answers to your prayers.

One physical body. The physical body is called [Kino]. It is the vehicle for experiencing this particular earthly plane of existence. It is made of active energy, but looks solid because that is the easiest way for us to perceive it and make it work for us. The physical body is an exact replica of the etheric body of the Basic Self.

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