Used Techniques

Health triad -- The field represented by the sides of the Health Triad are Chemical, Structure and Emotion, held together by Energy (Chi) in the system.

  • With "Emotion" you can think of the Emotional Behavioral Barometer, Emotionele Gedragsbarometer, Bach remedies, Essences.
  • With "Structure" you can think of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Anatomy Trains.
  • With "Chemical" you think of checking food.
  • And with Energy you can think of Acupressure.

Acupressure -- Holding acupuncture-points for 20 to 30 seconden can have the same effect as needling has. From Applied Physiology there is "Seven Chi Key" systen - balancing chakra's with acupressure - and fromn Clinical Kinesiology there is the "Gateway Initiation Procedure" - balancing the meridian system based on the TCM organ clock".

Body Scan & Localization -- The Body Scan is a scan where the body is being scanned while muscle testing for spots, that indicate need for attention. Oftentimes there is a difference made between circuit localization and therapy localization base on who is thoughing the spot (testee or practitioner). A beter definition might be: the body scan being the search for spots that need attention, while using the pauslock would indicate circuit localization. With the pauselock - stacking of information - one build a circuit.

Pauselock -- With the pauselock (retention mode, stacking) found "information" is frozen, with the intention to focus on that subject. Dependable of the intensity of the stacked information a muscle test can flip flop from "strong" to "weak" and vice versa. The frozen information has a stronger result on the energy then when we would use a correction sec. It is my experience not all information offered will show a flip flop in muscle testing,

Hypnosis -- Hypnosis is nothing else then the recognition of a certain mental state. This state is measured in Alpha or Theta brainwaves. Reaching this state is mandatory for a deeper effect of many a correction offered. We of change of state without noticing.

TOTE -- An acronym for "Test Operate Test Exit". An NLP method, also applicable for the kinesiology experience As written else where muscle testing is the mechanism the practitioner of Specializede Kinesiology constantly uses for the dialogue with Mind Body Soul.

Subtle signals from the unconscious are sensed, reducing logical to a minimum - that too often is victim of repeating thoughts.

After testing, the following interpretation and the correction (intervention) made by the practitioner, a re-test will take place. This will be repeated until Mind Body Soul signal it has absorbed enough information.

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Augustus 1998
Eerste aanraking met Kinesiologie. Drenthe, Hof van Axem. Touch for Health cursus met Rinie Schasfoort.

Juni, 1995
Ingeschreven bij Kamer van Koophandel te Zutphen.

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